Decorative 3D wall panels

Made from MDF decorative panels, which are also practical. Panel material is tough and durable. This ensures its wide application. MDF boards are manufactured with greater fire resistance and moisture. You will appreciate their excellent thermal insulation properties and sound insulation.

MDF 3D decorative cladding panels

have a great advantage in a number of colors. Once you've taken the panels in white and paint them yourself interior paint as another wall. You have the option of us have been on panels foil matte or glossy. Material panels we use in the manufacture of doors furniture.

The panels are manufactured in standard size of 500 x 1000 mm. The custom-made any size up to 2700 x 1250 mm. A very useful feature of our panels is that the designs are logically connected. Method of connecting panels ensure invisibility connections. Even larger areas are not disturbed by the interruption patterns in communications. MDF 3D panels are attached by gluing, screwing or hanging on the wall or wooden slats. Attachment is always visible after completion.

In the kitchen

MDF 3D panels utilize the space between cabinets, or up to the ceiling. The rear wall of the lower cabinets and bars in the area to cover the facing panel, creating an aesthetic transition between the dining room and kitchen. Decorative panels can be used to produce kitchen doors. Facing panel covered with foil in various color is washable. Panel for the stove from dirt and protects the addition of high temperature glass or aluminum plate.

In the living room

the 3D decorative wall panels used on TV. Adding LED lights pleasant view expressed by the play of light and shadow. The space used by installing the 3D panel to change its face. Suddenly, a place you will find it very attractive.

In the bedroom

MDF is most commonly used 3D panels on the wall headboard. Using this space, contact diversification of the entire room. Similar place in the apartment as a hallway, staircase, entrance hall, corridor.


you can also decorate the MDF 3D tiles. For these wet areas are specially manufactured MDF board.